Preparing for your session...

How to Prepare


Congrats on booking your shoot! (If you haven’t booked yet, what are you waiting for? You are missing all the fun!)


We couldn’t be more excited to work with you. You probably have a million questions…and the first is usually – what should I wear and brings. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your shoot



~Nails and Toe Nails should either be freshly painted or not painted at all, chipped nails are a NO NO!


~Hair down, straight, curly, or wavy is pretty.We want your hair to have movement and be flowy.Hair with too much Hairspray again is another NO NO.


~Because of the studio lights we use, we strongly recommend having your makeup done.Either by one of our makeup artists or someone else professionally.


~Where to shop:

Here are a few places we feel you might find some fun & flirty outfits for your shoot!


Our Personal Favorites:

Victorias Secret

The Lingerie Store

Lane Bryant



~Black is sexy, as the classic staple.Don’t be afraid of color.We encourage, bright vibrant colors such as pink,turquoise, reds or blues.White is very pretty, more of a bridal look.But be careful with white.Depending on skin tones, white may make you look washed out. You are more than welcome to bring more outfits than you need. We will go through them with you and help decide what will work the best.


~When picking your outfits, its best to look into a variation of styles. Now you have an excuse to buy that fun lacey bra you always wanted. Corsets are flattering for everyone.Never worn thigh highs or stockings? Why not try them now.Don’t be afraid to be different.Different is Sexy. Also – think about maybe starting with an outfit that is not super revealing. Wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful photo you can in your home?


~Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, shoes, shoes!The higher the heel the better! Don’t worry about not being able to walk in them. A Pair of black pumps in the best shoe you can bring.Don’t hesitate to bring other shoes, nude makes your legs look longer and color is fun.Sexy shoes bring out the bombshell in you.

~Accessorizing with fun jewelry gives your outfit that polished look. We also love birdcage veils, gloves, masks, etc…


~When it comes to Props, no more than one prop is suggested per outfit.Think of something that will enhance your outfit, not distract from it.If you are bringing a football Jersey a football would be cute.A bat with a baseball jersey or even handcuffs with a cop uniform…..


~Nerves are normal, Everyone has them.But the most important thing you can wear for your shoot is confidence.Confidence is Sexy.Come here ready to rock your shoot and you will!


~What to Bring the Day of the Shoot:

  • Your Lingerie/Outfits! (Don’t be afraid to bring more than you need – we will help you sort through them.)
  • Shoes/Accessories/Props. Yes, we do have some here – but it’s always best to bring your own if there is something you really want to use.
  • Your CONFIDENCE!! (This is the most important to remember.)
  • Sometimes women bring a curling/flat iron to touch up their hair…or maybe some lipgloss. That really depends if you are getting your makeup and hair done here or not.
  • The balance of your payment.

PLEASE let us know if you have any questions. We are here to make you feel comfortable and prepared.